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Hi I’m Grant, an engaging professional changemaker and enabler on a journey to build out my passions in connecting with inspired leaders, pioneers and influencers across futurism, development, artisan-ship, prosperity and all areas of maximizing this incredible time in which we are living.

I seem to be living a life deeply connected with transformation. My contributions in the technology industry are with pivotal businesses who completely overturned the way business is conducted four times over. As a founder and investor I’ve walked and rewalked the journey from inception to market-release. Today I am incredibly privileged to empower the journey of inspiration, enablement, commitment and connection for many individuals as they build out their respective careers, businesses and significant contribution enterprises.

With a contagious passion for people, as a connector I’m excited to play a role in helping introduce people to organisations, tools, and approaches that empower them to partner for success. I love connecting with people of all backgrounds who are ready to shake things up, and I feel very fortunate to be able to exercise these passions in my world of work.

I’m actively building mutually valuable relationships with people who share my passions or can leverage my value to create energy, attraction and active channels for the business they love, and I participate in a number of disciplines and industries including Business Development, Marketing, Social Enterprise, Property, Investing, Personal Development, Technology, Startups, and Networking events. Are you ready to take things to a new level personally or professionally? Let’s connect for a conversation!

Grant Finer

Current Projects

Business Strategy Networking

Bringing owners, entrepreneurs, and business people together to connect, learn, and grow.

Business of Brand

Shift the world into a new era by remodeling all traditional lenses of what makes a successful business and business-person

Pivot Partners

Channel Enablement, Business Development, Facilitation, Channel Growth Consulting

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Out and about me

Working to connect people with insight, knowledge and resources by leveraging the power of channels.

Technology & Security Enablement

The future is all about adopting and harnessing new generation technology to transform business. As an advocate in the industry I love working alongside global leading brands to help explain and promote their mission, technology and value.

Business Networking

Business Strategy Networking continues to go from strength to strength, performing a greatly needed service to help businesses make like-minded connections and get known by taking our stage. We are focused on creating open & enjoyable, high-encounter environments for people from all stages of the business journey to connect, get inspired, share ideas and explore business through the power of Business Networking.

Business & Personal Development

No matter the size or stage of organisation, it’s pretty clear that everyone must go through a reinvention exercise to to make their product, service, or solution deliverable and relevant for the post-COVID era. It is in times of transition that major swathes of marketshare can be won, but also herein lies a deeper opportunity. My activity helps businesses and decision-makers to pivot their success model,integrating both financial return, and Social Purpose.

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I’m pretty easy to find, so if you are already present on these platforms, please do follow the link and connect with me.

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When something good happens for me, something good should also happen in the world. I put this approach into practice through membership with B1G1

Building an amazing business is all about
creating powerful moments of connection.

I believe that no-matter what your moonshot is, you have an opportunity and a responsability to make it happen. Now that we’ve connected, I look forward to keeping in touch! Good luck to you, and thanks for reading to the end 🙂 GrantF.